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May 31. 2018

Advising Buyers, Business Strategies, and Setting Clear Objectives

author: Kison Patel

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May 24. 2018

Spreadsheets VS. DealRoom for Managing Due Diligence

It starts out straightforward: You kick off due diligence by creating a spreadsheet with the list of requests and documents that need to be tackled and gathered.

author: Kison Patel

May 23. 2018

M&A Strategy from the Buy and Sell Side

author: Kison Patel

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May 17. 2018

7 Ways Agile M&A Adds Value

How Agile M&A Adds Value Agile M&A is a management system derived from Agile software development and Lean manufacturing that focuses on delivering value to the deal by continuously improving value delivery processes. Agile M&A ...

author: Kison Patel

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May 11. 2018

Agile M&A

What is Agile M&A?

author: Kison Patel

Feb 12. 2018

The Important of Conducting Quality of Earnings in M&A Transactions

Andrew Jordan is a Principal at Riveron Consulting where he provides transaction advisory services. He’s had his hand in mergers and acquisitions for the last 8 years and has incredible insight regarding quality of earnings (Q of E) and M&A deals. ...

author: Kison Patel

Post Merger Integration Due diligence M&A legal
Dec 12. 2017

Balancing Legal and Business Concerns in M&A Transactions

Summary Prioritize business concerns over legal concerns Make clear the nature of inquiries to the management team Consider integration complexity ...

author: Kison Patel

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Dec 07. 2017

The Pitfalls of Per-Page VDR Pricing

Summary Per-page VDR pricing is a barrier to a more efficient due diligence process. Providers ...

author: Kison Patel