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mergers and acquisitions Due diligence M&A target company Mark Miller
Oct 16. 2017

Advice on Advisors: Thoughts from the Frontlines

What should you look for when you pick an advisor for your deal team? Those with years of experience on both sides of M&A transactions agree that experience working with companies in your targeted size range and ...

author: Kison Patel

mergers and acquisitions Due diligence artificial intelligence machine learning
Jun 08. 2017

How Innovative Machine Learning Makes M&A Better

If you work in M&A, you know due diligence is a costly and time-consuming process.

author: Kison Patel

Post Merger Integration mergers and acquisitions Paul Tennola synergies platform bolt-on M&A
May 19. 2017

Bolt-On or New Platform: How Synergies Differ

As a professional with 29 years’ experience in M&A corporate development, financial operations, and management, Paul Tennola, CFO of Paynet, is an expert when it comes to M&A. In addition to his experience with Paynet, Paul has worked with TransUnion, ...

author: Kison Patel

mergers and acquisitions Due diligence Private Equity
Apr 18. 2017

Key Private Equity Criteria for Successful M&A

Greg DellaFranco is currently a Senior Manager of Corporate Development at Deloitte Consulting. Prior to joining Deloitte, he served as Director of Corporate Development at KPMG. When combined with 16 years in corporate development, corporate strategy, new venture ...

author: Kison Patel